phantom 320 ECG simulator (English label with America colour code)

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The phantom 320 is a versatile simulator that allows you to test the correct functioning of your ECG and long-term ECG devices, monitors, recorders, arrhythmia computers and other devices.

Click here for the phantom 320 ECG simulator (German label with Europe colour code)

Product information

The phantom 320 is a versatile simulator that allows you to test the correct functioning of your ECG and long-term ECG devices, monitors, recorders, arrhythmia computers and other devices.

In the medical electronics industry, it has long since become the epitome of ECG simulators: the phantom 320.

Nearly all test laboratories of TÜV, Dekra and other testing laboratories work with this handy device. The phantom 320 has also become an indispensable instrument in the quality assurance of medical technology products, for service and test field technicians as well as for device demonstrations in sales.

In addition to its user-friendliness, the phantom 320’s strengths include manufacturer independence and versatility. You can use the simulator to test the correct functioning of ECG and ECG long-term devices, as well as

  • monitors
  • recorders or
  • arrhythmia computers

Whether for normal or pathological ECGs: You receive a true-to-life, independent curve presentation for up to 32 ECG signals. With the phantom 320 you can simulate the following, among other things:

  • 8 normal sinus rhythms
  • 7 supraventricular and
  • 9 ventricular arrhythmias and
  • 3 pacemakers

You can also use the integrated special program, which processes selected pathological signals in a mixed run (duration approx. 17 minutes).


The phantom 320  is always delivered without the calibration certificate. The certificate needs to be ordered and paid separately (go to Equipment).

The test is performed by an automatical detection of the measuring values by means of a testing device. Before starting the measurement of the unit under test an autocalibration of the testing device is done by means of the calibration signal generator PM 3137.

Sample phantom 320 calibration certificate

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 4 cm
12 leads


14 connections

4 mm banana plugs and pushbuttons Identification and colour code: DIN EN 60601-2-51

Digital Storage

1,6 Mbit

Amplitude resolution

8 Bit

Scanning frequency

256 Hz

Signal bandwidth

0 – 120 Hz

Signal amplitudes (min - max)

Lead I + 1.35 – 1.49 mV Lead II + 2.35 – 2.49 mV Lead III + 0.95 – 1.06 mV Lead V1 – 2.12 – 2.30 mV Lead V2 – 0.55 – 0.61 mV Lead V3 + 1.03 – 1.14 mV Lead V4 + 2.11 – 2.21 mV Lead V5 + 1.75 – 1.85 mV Lead V6 + 1.40 – 1.51 mV

Time base

Quarz 32768 Hz

Output impedance

Electrode connections: 20 Ohm 1V outputs: 100 Ohm


8 sinus rhythms (normal QRS) 30,45,60,75,90,120,150,180 BPM 7 supraventricular arrhythmia 9 ventricular arrhythmia 3 pacemaker 2 ST segments (elevation, depression) Each with horizontal, ascending and descending ST wave Bradycardia Tachycardia ECG with artefacts ECG with interference 50/60 Hz

Signal width

PQ, QRS, QT depending on RR interval (after Lepeschkin)


Standard 2x 1,5V LR6

Battery life

Approx. 100 hours continuous operation


Working temperature 0 bis 40 °C Storage temperature -20 bis 80 °C Air humidity: 10% – 90% noncondensing Barometric pressure 700 – 1500 hPa



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