MS410 ECG simulator

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The MS410 is a new generation ECG simulator:
small • handy • digital
It not only simulates normal and pathological beat types, but
also “artificial” ones as prescribed by the IEC/EN
60601-2-25/Annex GG standard.

Product information

With the MS 410, Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH presents the ECG simulator of the future. Small, handy and digital, the MS410 not only simulates normal and pathological beat types, but also “artificial” ones as prescribed by the IEC/EN 60601-2-25/Annex GG standard.

The device can be used in many different ways, e.g. for

  • function testing in development and production
  • demonstration of ECG devices or ECG display systems in the sales department
  • education and training.

The MS 410 provides the following beat series:

  • 6 beat series with 37 normal and pathological beat types
  • 6 beat series with 114 beat types according to the standard.

A typical selection of normal and pathological beat types offers you a mix programme that provides different ECG forms for more than 20 minutes.

Beat series and beat types are displayed and selected via a screen.

The device to be checked or displayed is connected to the MS410 via 10 electrode plugs (banana plugs). Patient cables with electrode clips can also be connected via pushbutton contacts. The pushbutton contacts are available as accessories.

Utility model protection is registered for the MS 410 (No. 203 09 617.7).


The MS 410 ECG simulator is always delivered with the calibration certificate

The test is performed by an automatical detection of the measuring values by means of a testing device. Before
starting the measurement of the unit under test an autocalibration of the testing device is done by means of the
calibration signal generator PM 3137.

Sample MS 410 calibration certificate

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4.7 cm
Digitale Auflösung

16 Bit, 38 mV/digit

Genauigkeit der Ausgangssignale bei 25°C

±(1,0% + 8 µV) from the respective value of the standard ECGs in IEC 60601-2-51/Appendix II


R,L,F,C1-C6 115 Ohm

Zeitliche Auflösung

Sampling rate 1 ms, 0,2%


Temperature: +10oC – +40°C Air humidity: 5% – 90% noncondensing


2 x Mignon (AA) NiMH-, NiCd-rechargeable batteries (1.2 V) or 1.5-V batteries


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