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Order Management: Steps to the Conclusion of Contract
1. Selecting Products

The "M&S Products" category shows all products you can order online at Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH. With each product the accessories are listed.

Click the product you are interested in

- or -

click "All Products" to show all products.

2. Putting Products into the Basket

In the product or detail view enter the quantity for the desired product and click

The product/s are transferred into the basket.
The "Basket" section in the left column informs you on the basket status with the number of articles.

3. Showing the Basket Contents

To show the content of the basket click .

4. Modifying the Basket Contents

There are the following options:
Remove this single product from the basket
Remove all products from the basket. Discard the order.
Change the quantity of the product. Please enter a new quantity before.
Finish the basket and continue with the order management.

5. Entering Customer Data

If you are already customer at the Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH you can call your customer data by entering your email address and your password. You can also change your customer data.

If you are ordering for the first time you need to fill in the form.

In any case, note that all fields with a red label have to be filled.

Click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions.

With "Go to the Receipt Page" you confirm the correctness of your entries and you get the receipt page.

If you want to return to the basket click .

6. Receipt Page and Order

The receipt page shows all information on the basket and your customer data.

You can discard the order by clicking
  • and
  • in the basket to remove all products from the basket.
If you click your order at Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH is binding.

7. Email Message

After having ordered bindingly you get a feedback and the possibility to return to the shop. You will get a notice of receipt by email.

Please note:
An order is not binding to us until we have confirmed it in written form.