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You can order the Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH products online.

Our offer is intended for liberal profession, industry, craft and trade to be used by persons carrying on business independently. All prices are quoted in Euros (EUR) excluding Value Added Tax (VAT). The rate of VAT charged will be that ruling in Germany at the date of the invoice.

Minimum order value for consumables and spare parts: 15,- Euro

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Orders and deliveries with this online shop can only be transacted within Germany. If you want to order from abroad please choose the products in the shop. You will receive an order especially for your country.

  Price Alginment from 01.02.2017 on  
Dear Customers,
Unfortunately we are forced to raise our prices from 01.02.2017 on for the following services:
Calibration phantom 320 ECG Simulator: 135.-- €
Calibration MS410 ECG Simulator: 150.-- €
Thank you for your understanding.

Please see the

"Read Carefully!"

section for our Terms and Conditions and how to order.