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Zeus Defibrillation Simulator: Product Information

The Zeus is a testing device used to measure the defibrillation protection of medical equipment (such as ECG recorders) and the accessories (such as patient cables, vacuum systems, electrodes).

It is used:

  • In development departments of medical engineering companies
  • For type checking
  • In test laboratories as TÜV or Dekra.

Depending on the model variant (Zeus or Zeus 25/400) the Zeus allows the standardized testing of the defibrillation protection e.g. in accordance with the standards EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-25, EN 60601-2-27 and EN 60601-2-49.

The device provides an integrated 10 Hz sine-wave generator (output voltage according to the latest issues of the standards mentioned above).

Please note:

After the conversion of the output voltage of the sine-wave generator to 20 Vss (results in 5 mVss on the print) in the latest issues of the standards EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-25, EN 60601-2-27 und EN 60601-2-49, this version of the Zeus with 5 Vss is no longer available.

If required you can induce the conversion of your Zeus with 5 Vss generator voltage to 20 Vss. We would gladly submit a corresponding offer to you.


For your safety, the Zeus provides the following safety equipment:

  • Two-hand operation for charge and discharge
  • High-voltage activation by a key switch
  • Protective cover with safety switch for the electrode plugs
  • Automatic shutdown of the capacitor.

The Zeus ist a portable device which provides the following functions:

  • The test voltage can be increased steplessly up to 5 kV.
  • A 10-core patient cable with banana-type plugs or clips can be connected directly to the device.
  • The device has an integrated 10-Hz sine-wave generator.
  • Oscilloscope and test terminal connectors allow dynamic tests for limitation of energy at different parts of the device under test.
  • The polarity selector switch is used to switch the polarity of the test voltage. This makes it easier to repeat every test with reversed polarity as required by the standards.
  • The voltage and the selected polarity are shown in an LCD display.
  • Zeus 25/400: BNC socket for measuring the energy drop on devices (conversion set available for former models).

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