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Regular calibration is the precondition and the guarantor for your quality assurance.

The inspection equipment monitoring is an essential part of your quality assurance system. To guarantee the use of our test and measuring devices as inspection equipment in accordance with the standard we offer a regular calibration for our devices. Thus you make sure, that the inspection equipment which is relevant for the product quality is always measuring "accurately".

The calibration of our devices includes:

  • The confirmation of the traceability of the results to the national standard
  • A calibration certificate
  • A measurement report

The calibration time frames depend on your needs. Please note the special recommendations for the devices.

Please note:
Our devices are calibrated during production. The date on the calibration certificate is valid for our recommended calibration intervals, not the purchasing date! This may lead to a calibration interval reduction up to 6 months (Zeus Defibrillation Simulator) resp. 12 months (phantom 320 ECG Simulator and MS410 ECG Simulator) without right of refund.

See also further information in our online shop, keyword "Calibration".

Dear customers,

Unfortunately we are forced to raise our prices from 01.02.2017 on for the following services:

  • Calibration phantom 320 ECG Simulator: 135.-- €
  • Calibration MS410 ECG Simulator: 150.-- €

Thank you for your understanding.

Samples of Calibration Certificates and Measurement Reports

phantom 320 ECG Simulator - Calibritation Certificate

phantom 320 ECG Simulator - Measurement Report

MS410 ECG Simulator

Zeus Defibrillation Simulator

Calibration Certificates for out Calibrations

The inspection equipment is listed on the certificates:


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