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Zeus Defibrillation Simulator


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In 1978 Peter Müller and Oscar Sebastiani, both engineers, started with the development and production of medical devices. They knew as one of the first companies that the use of computer technology in medical practices and clinics enhances work flows and diagnosis and thus contributes to the patients' well-being.




In 1980 the two engineers founded the "Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH" as successor of their engineering company. It was and is the professed aim to initiate and to push the development in innovative medical processing and engineering. Mainly in the area of cardiopulmonary diagnostics the company achieved to extend its product line and is since settled as one of the market leaders.




The subsidiary "custo med GmbH" was founded in 1981 to coordinate and optimize sales activities. "custo" related to various device namings became its own brand. Ever since "custo" is the standard in most clinics and medical practices worldwide.




With the former staff member, Mr Kraus, the "Kraus Technik GmbH" was founded in 1986. "Kraus Technik GmbH", an independent subsidiary, is focussed on hard- and software development in familiar product fields.




In November 1994 the company achieved the DIN ISO 9001 / EN 29001 and DIN EN 46001 (medical products) certification for the first time. "Müller & Sebastiani Elektronik GmbH" coped also all subsequent certifications.




In September 1999 the head office moved to Ottobrunn near Munich and is located there in the theme parc "Technology and Innoviation".




Due to specification changes the company was certified for DIN ISO EN 13485:2000 in February 2004.




Due to specification changes the company was certified for DIN ISO EN 13485:2003 in January 2006.




On September 1st 2007, Oscar Sebastiani retired as managing director. The present associate Peter Müller has taken over Mr Sebastiani's company shares and management function.

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